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New Clients

Please give us a call or text (602-603-7139) to discuss chiropractic care for your animals and schedule an appointment! You can also use the Contact Us form to submit a request for more information!

After scheduling your appointment, please review our Practice Policies and complete the new client form and consent form for your animal, this form must be signed to secure your appointment slot.

Initial Appointments

Initial appointments last about 30-45 minutes as our Doctors go over current health concerns, perform their exam and provide the chiropractic adjustment.

Appointments are performed in your home (for dogs and cats) or at your barn (for horses). Preferably dog adjustments are performed in an area with ample room to work with your animal that is also carpeted or has a rug available. Please have your cat already contained in an easily accessible area prior to our arrival. If necessary we do have muzzles available to provide a safe environment for everyone during the adjustment.

For horse adjustments, please have your horse caught and lightly groomed prior to our arrival. Examinations and adjustments are best performed on level footing.

If you have any videos of movement or posture images you feel would help our Doctors out in the examination process, feel free to email those to

Follow Up Appointments

Many animals experience improvements after their first adjustment, while some may take 2-3 adjustments to see changes. The time period after the initial adjustment is the most informative to us! Expect to schedule follow up appointments in order to evaluate any improvements you have noticed as well as to develop the ideal treatment plan moving forward.

Follow up appointments are approximately 15-30 minutes long.

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