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Practice Policies


Our policies are designed in order to establish clear expectations so that we may provide exceptional care for your animals.


  • Please text or call our business line (602-603-7139) to make appointments. We do not answer messages over the weekend or on Federal holidays.

  • Sometimes appointment timing may need to be shuffled to allow for a more emergent case to be seen, this same accommodation would be made for your pet if the need were to arise and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

  • We do provide specific appointment times upon booking and will do our best to adhere to those times. As we are a mostly mobile practice please give us a 15-20 min grace period for instances beyond our control (appointments taking longer than expected, traffic conditions, severe weather, etc). If we are running late, we will text you an estimated arrival time prior to our scheduled appointment time.

  • Please complete your new client forms within 24 hrs of your appointment being scheduled so that we may confirm the appointment. Forms can be emailed to or submitted directly on the website. We can only hold an appointment slot for 24 hours due to demand.

  • You may be asked to fill out a new client form if your pet has not been seen in the last calendar year.


  • Please have your animal caught and ready for examination prior to our arrival to allow for an optimal experience.

    • Dogs in house or on leash/collar

    • Cats contained in small room or crate where they are easily accessible

    • Horses caught, haltered and dry

  • We request a person familiar with the health history of the animal to be present for appointments, if this is not possible then please inform our office as soon as possible.

  • New patient consults/appointments are approximately 30-45 min in length, follow up/maintenance appointments are approximately 15-30 min in length.

  • We do not always have the luxury of an assistant, and as such, we may require assistance to handle your pet. We ask you please have a handler ready (for house or barn calls) if you do not feel comfortable aiding in your animal's restraint.

  • We may use restraint techniques at our discretion in order to facilitate treatment (muzzles, stud chain etc). Please let us know at time of scheduling if this may pose a problem.


  • Life happens, if you need to change your appointment time please give us at least a 24 hour notice so we may accommodate our wait list. If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment time a cancellation fee may be charged equal to the travel fee or half of the adjusting fee. The cancellation fee may be added to the balance of your next visit should we not be able to process payment at the time.

  • Payment information may be stored securely using our payment processing application (Square), which complies with all current data protection policies. You may request at any time that this information is not stored.

  • We may not always be able to accommodate last minute add on’s. Please give us 48 hours notice if you would like to add on a patient to allow us to provide the highest quality visit to you and your animals. If you request this add on at the time of the appointment it is at the discretion of the Doctor as to their availability and you may be asked to contact the office to schedule a separate appointment for that patient.

  • Please notify our office as soon as possible if your animal has been diagnosed with a contagious disease so that our doctors may adjust their schedule accordingly.

  • We reserve the right to deny services should there be any concern for the animal’s well-being or the safety of our doctors.


  • We expect payment at the time of service. We accept Cash, check, zelle, venmo or card (via Square processing).

  • Should you not be able to be present at time of service, we require payment information to be saved on file before the time of your visit.

  • Should your payment bounce at time of payment, we will send an invoice with the expectation to receive payment within 3 days of invoice. Should this invoice not get paid we reserve the right to dismiss you as a client.

  • Travel fees may be split if multiple clients in one location, each client pays a minimum of $10.

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